Pasture Pigs Available for Deposit Now!! First batch due August 2022!

HALF Pasture-Raised Pig - DEPOSIT

HALF Pasture-Raised Pig - DEPOSIT

Regular price $250.00

This deposit is for a HALF pasture-raised pig!

Our pigs are raised completely outside. They have unlimited access to certified organic, GMO-free, soy-free pig feed. They're also given access to spent brewer grain from the local brewery that uses certified GMO-Free grains. By using the spent brewers grain we are doing two things - 1. we're giving our pigs a great protein source 2. we're working with local businesses to minimize their trash/carbon footprint.

The $250 non-refundable deposit is paid as a reservation for the pig, and the remaining costs are determined at the processor. Each pig has an expected hanging weight of 200- 250lbs. Full cost is $5.99 plus processing fees.

An example of what to expect from a HALF of a pasture-raised pig:

  • Bacon ~8 pounds
  • Spare-Ribs (2.5 pound packages) ~2.5 pounds
  • Shoulder Roasts (3 pound roasts) ~12.5 pounds
  • Country Style Ribs (4 steaks per package) ~8 pounds
  • Chops (bone-in, 2 per package, 1” thick) ~12.5 pounds
  • Ham Steaks/Roasts (same ingredients as bacon) ~18 pounds
  • Ham Hocks (same ingredients as ham) ~2.5 pounds
  • Ground Pork (1 pound packages) ~13 pounds
  • Bones (great for making broth) ~8 pounds
  • Fat (can be rendered for lard) ~8 pounds
  • Organs ~1.5 pounds

***Every whole pig can be custom cut. For instance my family loves baby back ribs, and that is achieved by having boneless chops.


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