Our Animals

Broilers/Meat Birds:

We raise small batches to care for each chicken individually.

We receive our day old chicks through the mail. They're immediately met with warmth, probiotic water, and feed in our brooder.

Our brooder is semi-outdoors. This allows our chicks to acclimate to our weather faster, making for an easier transition to pasture, but also provides protection from Colorado wind and hail.

Our chickens feed is organic, non-gmo, soy-free and from farms that practice regenerative agriculture.

We ferment our feed. Three big reasons:

  1. Fermenting makes the nutrients more available for the chicken to digest
  2. Less waste from chickens picking and throwing dry feed
  3. Our chickens stay hydrated

 Once moved to pasture, they're moved daily. Moving daily gives them fresh grass and bugs. Moving chickens also breaks the parasite cycle for healthy chickens.

Harvest is done in the most peaceful and respectful way possible. We harvest on-farm so there's no stress from travel - for us or the chickens!

We use a Kosher/Halal dispatching method. This allows for a peaceful and quick harvest. Our chickens are processed by hand for extra care and peace of mind.

Our chickens are then chilled, packaged, and frozen to ensure our chickens are the freshest and best quality you can find!


Our Soy-Free Eggs are coming soon.



If you have any questions, please contact us below: