About Pax Farms

We’re moving to the Gunnison Valley!

We’re Pax Farms; a locally owned farm that started in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

We grow beyond organic pasture poultry. We use organic, non-gmo, soy-free feed to supplement on pasture. Our chickens are moved daily and enjoy the finest bugs, greenest grass, and Colorado sunshine.

When my wife, Kathryn, and I moved to Colorado in July 2013, we had no idea of the health journey we were about to start!

Several months after moving, my depression and anxiety kicked into a new high gear. It was so bad, I had to take leave from work. This led me to start looking at farming and my diet. I learned about how diet/food could contribute to mental wellness.

Over the next several months, I worked on healing through diet, exercise, and therapy and was healthy enough to return to work. Our health journey wasn't quite over yet...

Kathryn was then diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. This was a complete shock to all of us. In Kathryn's healing, she also began to look at diet.

The two biggest changes in Kathryn's diet were going gluten-free (which has made a huge difference for her) and after her iodized radiation she couldn't eat chicken anymore. The best chicken from the grocery store would taste and feel off to her.

Since we use chicken in everything, I was on a mission. We grew our first chickens, Spring of 2018 and you could taste and feel the difference. Kathryn could not get enough!

During this journey I fell in love with farming. Being outside. Caring for the land and the animals. Farming has helped the healing process for me, Kathryn, and our children. We want to extend that care and healing to our Colorado family by providing the best pasture raised chickens!


Thank you,

Adam of Pax Farms


Photo: Parker, Kathryn, and Adam